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What are the requirements of mass flow timing for the surrounding environment?

2023-02-10 10:12:46

First of all, I will explain to you that the mass flowmeter uses sensible heat to measure the flow rate by the amount of the molecular mass taken away by the separated molecules. Because it is measured by sensible heat, it will not affect the measurement results because of the changes in gas temperature and pressure. But do you know what it requires of its surroundings? Then let's give you a specific explanation, I hope you can widely use it.

① Ambient temperature: the change of ambient temperature will affect the electronic part of the liquid mass flowmeter and the flow sensor part. For example, temperature changes can affect the size of the sensor, and heat transfer through the flowmeter housing can change the fluid density and viscosity. When the ambient temperature affects the display instrument electronics, the component parameters are changed.

② Environmental humidity: atmospheric humidity in the environment is also one of the problems affecting the use of flowmeters. For example, high humidity will accelerate atmospheric corrosion and electrolytic corrosion and reduce electrical insulation, low humidity will induce static electricity. Rapid changes in ambient or medium temperature can cause humidity problems, such as surface condensation.

(3) Safety: the flowmeter should be selected in accordance with the relevant specifications and standards to adapt to the explosive dangerous environment, in accordance with the explosion-proof standards on the site requirements.

For liquid-liquid mass flowmeters, power cables, motors and electrical switches all produce electromagnetic interference, which will become the cause of error in flow measurement if no relevant measures are taken. Flow sensors and secondary display meters should be installed in separate locations, such as secondary display meters should be installed in the control room to ensure that the electronic components are protected from temperature.

We understand the above summarized to you about the quality flow timing requirements of the surrounding environment, I believe we have further study, I hope you can pay special attention to.

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