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Precautions for using controller of hot gas mass flowmeter

2023-02-10 10:20:58

There are certain operating procedures and precautions for the hot gas mass flowmeter in use. These points must be paid attention to when in use:

1. Prohibit flow medium, use gas must be purified, avoid dust, liquid and oil pollution. If necessary, a filter dryer should be installed in the air path. If the instrument outlet is connected with a liquid original bottle, a check valve should be installed at the flow outlet to prevent liquid reflux from damaging the instrument.

Two, the use of corrosive gas, instrument channel material is 0Cr17Ni14Mo2(equivalent to 316L stainless steel), in the user system no water vapor, low leakage, frequent cleaning, proper use of the condition, can measure the general corrosive gas. When used in ammonia gas, organic solvent vapor or other strong corrosive gas, it should be specially indicated when ordering, so as to replace the sealing material.

Three, the valve should pay attention to seal, instrument solenoid valve is a regulating valve, not a globe valve, can not be used when the globe valve, the user should be equipped with another globe valve. Especially when corrosive gases are used, a stop valve should usually be added at the inlet and outlet of the instrument to ensure safety. After long-term operation, if the leakage rate of instrument valve port is within 2%FS, it is normal. If the leakage is greater than 2% of the full range, it should be repaired.

Four, pay attention to the valve control operation, after the operation of the valve cleaning, can not be directly to the "valve control" position, must first put the valve in the "off" position, and then turn to the "valve control" position.

5. Pay attention to installation. It is best to keep the installation surface level when installing the gas mass flowmeter/controller, but it is not particularly sensitive to the position. It can be installed at any position. If the user indicates the installation position when ordering, our company can be calibrated after the factory.

Six, pay attention to the working pressure difference, for the instrument to pay special attention to the pressure of the working medium, should pay attention to keep the working pressure difference at both ends of the instrument in and out of the gas in the palliative range. Especially when working under high pressure, the pressure difference is too large, the flow will not be closed or reduced. In the use of large flow meters, attention should be paid to the appropriate thickening of the pipeline and reduce the internal resistance of the air source. If the working pressure difference is less than the required value, the flow may not reach the full scale value.

If you have other questions about the hot gas mass flowmeter, please feel free to contact Zhonglong instrument staff

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