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Can the mass flowmeter control the flow?

2023-02-10 10:20:26

Mass flowmeter adopts sensible heat type measurement, and measures the flow rate by the amount of molecular mass taken away by the separated molecules. Because it is measured by sensible heat type, it will not affect the measurement result because of the change of gas temperature and pressure. Mass flowmeter is a more accurate, rapid, reliable, efficient, stable and flexible flow meter. It will be more widely used in petroleum processing, chemical industry and other fields. It is believed that it will show great potential in promoting flow measurement.

The mass flowmeter does not control the flow rate. It can only detect the mass flow rate of liquid or gas and output the flow value through analog voltage, current or serial communication. However, the mass flow controller is an instrument that can detect and control at the same time. In addition to the measurement part of the mass flow controller itself, there is also an electromagnetic regulating valve or piezoelectric valve, so that the mass flow control itself constitutes a closed-loop system, used to control the mass flow of fluid. The setting value of mass flow controller can be provided by analog voltage, analog current, or computer, PLC.

Installation direction of gas mass flowmeter: vertical installation, installation method is vertical installation diagram and make the fluid flow through the instrument from bottom to bottom, so that the enlivened solid particles can sink, the gas rises through the measuring pipe, the measuring pipe fluid can be completely empty, so that it is not affected by solid scaling. Horizontal installation, the two measuring tubes of the mass flowmeter are horizontal, the correct installation should make the transmitter housing vertical up or down, should avoid the transmitter housing and pipeline at the same level.

We understand the relevant content about whether the flowmeter can control the flow introduced to you above. I believe that we have further study and understanding. If you want to know more about the relevant knowledge of the flowmeter, please continue to pay attention to us.

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