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Is there a difference in the measurement of liquid and gas by mass flowmeter?

2023-02-10 10:13:11

Direct measurement of the mass flow of fluid in the pipeline

With high accuracy and repeatability, it can directly measure the mass flow rate of fluid with high accuracy in a large range ratio.

High accuracy of measurement

The mass flow measurement accuracy of the flowmeter is 0.2; At the same time, it can accurately measure the temperature and density of the fluid medium.

Stable and reliable work

There are no obstacles and moving parts inside the flowmeter pipe, so it has high reliability, long life and small maintenance. Easy to use and safe.

Suitable for the surface width of the fluid medium

In addition to uniform fluids of general viscosity, high viscosity, non-Newtonian fluids can also be measured; It can not only measure the fluid parameters of a single solution, but also measure the mixed multiphase flow. Whether the medium is laminar flow or turbulent flow, the measurement accuracy is not affected.

A wide range of applications

Measurement and monitoring can be implemented in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, papermaking, food, energy and other fields.

Good anti-corrosion property

Applicable to a variety of common corrosive fluid media.

A variety of real-time online measurement and control functions

In addition to mass flow, mass flowmeter can also directly measure the density and temperature of the fluid. Intelligent flow transmitter, can provide a variety of parameters display and control functions, is a collection of multi-function as one of the flow control instrument.

Good scalability

The company can according to the needs of users, specially designed and manufactured special specifications and special functions of the mass flowmeter; Also can carry out remote monitoring operation.

Another form of two-phase separation metering equipment consists of a two-phase separator, a mass flowmeter, and a gas flowmeter. The mass flowmeter measures the amount of fluid that is separated and calculates the water cut in it, which measures the oil, gas and water production of the well. The calculation device is relatively simple and easy to operate, and has been widely applied in Chinese oil fields.

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