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Where do you want to avoid installing mass flowmeters?

2023-02-10 10:23:45

1. Places with large temperature fluctuations

Because large temperature fluctuations will make the volume of the fluid change, so when installing the mass flowmeter, it is necessary to avoid installing it in a place where the temperature is large. Moreover, the temperature of the installation environment should be ensured to make the fluid in the measuring tube feel suitable, but also to avoid a large temperature fluctuation range. In order to avoid the fluid volume change in the measuring tube and affect the measurement accuracy.

2. Places with radiant heat

Radiant heat can also cause errors in the measurement of mass flowmeters, and it can also cause some of the precision parts to be damaged, so the installation of mass flowmeters should avoid radiant heat. However, some production places will inevitably appear radiant heat, so it is necessary to do a good job of radiant heat isolation measures, reduce the impact of radiant heat on the flowmeter.

3. Corrosive places

Corrosive gas will make the precision parts of the mass flowmeter be more serious damage, and the permeability of the gas is very strong, so, even if some protective measures are taken, it is difficult to completely avoid corrosive gas infiltration into the flowmeter, so we should try to avoid the mass flowmeter installed in the place with corrosive gas, so as to avoid corrosive damage.

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